The University of Konstanz

We, the University of Konstanz, are a young reform and campus university with innovation and collaboration at its heart. We are one of Germany’s Universities of Excellence and proud to be a member of the European Reform University Alliance – ERUA.

Our motto is “creative.together”. Since our foundation in 1966 and the opening of our campus in 1972 we have strived for interdisciplinary dialogue and to continuously and critically question existing standards and norms in favour for progress. It is our strong believe that innovation and progress are best achieved, when people with different backgrounds and ideas come together and collaborate in an environment that fosters and supports their potential.

As a university, we aim to provide such an environment for our students, our staff, and the public. Being part of the European University Initiative and ERUA is an integral part of our vision for the University’s future as an accessible space for higher education, innovation, and transfer that transcends borders – between nations and

What does being part of ERUA mean for us?

Tackling the social, ecological, and economic challenges of the future across disciplines, languages, and national borders

Seeing Europe’s diversity as a strength and an opportunity while – at the same time – representing common values and the European idea

Fostering international exchange of students and staff through mobility programs, virtual joint campuses, and joint degree programs

Constantly reinventing ourselves together, remaining flexible and ready for reforms and courageous experimental approaches

Envisioning research and teaching in a networked way in order to shape the European Universities of the future together with our international partners and friends

Actively fostering constructive communication and lively interaction between university members and society by intensifying the exchange with the public and by facilitating the access to knowledge

Contributing to the endeavour of paving the way for the generations of creative Europeans to come for a future-oriented and competitive higher education in Europe

Four things you should know about the University of Konstanz

Where are we located?

In the city of Konstanz

  • On the shores of Lake Constance
  • At the tripoint of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany
  • We are Germany’s southernmost university

What are we known for?

In the city of Konstanz

  • We are one of eleven Universities of Excellence in Germany
  • We are a research university with research-oriented teaching
  • Interdisciplinarity is one of our key concepts
  • The Zukunftskolleg is our flagship project in the promotion of young researchers